Challenge-based learning to promote cultural intelligence and diversity

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International migration has influenced the public policy agenda across Europe over recent decades. According to the 2016 Eurostat statistics, 20.7 million

people with non-EU citizenship are residing in the European Union, and 16 million EU citizens living outside their country of origin in a different Member State. These numbers account for a very multicultural and diverse Europe bringing into its wakes various issues around the cultural identity of European nations.

Cultural differences – inflated by populist movements –appear as a threat to the viability of the European integration project as discrimination and racism are still a growing reality in Europe. Cultural intelligence is an essential aspect of our professional and community lives today in Europe. Developing cultural intelligence helps societies to be more inclusive and gain cultural diversity, especially in our current context, where we see an increase in the migration of people throughout Europe, across cultural divides.

The CIDizen project will harness the pervasiveness of digital technologies to deliver key training on the topic of cultural intelligence.

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