Implementation of the Science Fiction in Education Cross-curricular Units

During May and June CARDET completed the implementation phase of the project, by implementing the specific unit in 3 classes at a public primary school in Nicosia. More specifically the unit, which was based on the Science Fiction book “The City of Ember”, was taught by four teachers of different disciplines in three classes; two 6th grade and one 5th grade class. Students who participated in the implementation were between the ages of 10 and 11.

The unit was designed based on the integration of interdisciplinary approaches. Interdisciplinary connections were made with subjects such as Literature, Design and Technology, Life Education, and Environmental Education  The selected stories and learning activities were mapped to the National Curriculum.

Teachers introduced students to Science Fiction and its sub-genres, by using the book “The City of Ember”. They designed activities that focused on the different forms of energy, as well as to renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Finally, they highlighted the role of the human race in the destruction of the environment. The teachers used a variety of activities, such as story-telling, brainstorming, role-playing, group project, and think-pair-share activities. The main learning outputs of the unit involved the students preparing eco cars, holding a debate, and composing a different ending to the storyline of the book. During the interviews held at the end of the implementation, both teachers and students expressed their enthusiasm for the unit and highlighted its creative and alternative approach. More information about the project and its upcoming events can be found in the project website

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Science Fiction in Education