Mediterranean Migration Network International Conference

CARDET, under its capacity as coordinator of MMN, presented the activities and next steps of the Network. CARDET’s presentation focused on the potentials of the MMN to act as a vehicle for synthesizing new and innovative projects with the collaboration among its members and pursuing funding to sustain and widen its activities. The Network through its envisioned extended membership, expects to maximize its advocacy and lobbying activities for the development of a common EU migration policy, recognizing the rights of all EU habitats. During the conference, local authorities, public institutions, NGOs, think tanks, and international networks, such as the International Organization for Migration, the Media Diversity Institute, the Centre for Ethnic Studies of Lithuania, KOPIN Malta, AMSED France and more, delivered presentations on the role of social services in the integration process of migrants in EU.

Dr. Ahmed Z. Burgi of the Foundation for Shelter and Support for Migrants in Malta, being a migrant himself, delivered a presentation and a personal take on the issue of persistent negative stereotypes attached to migrants. His take was a combination of a personal storyline of how he overcame the stereotypical view of the Maltese society and created a two way beneficial relationship interlard with his experience of running the biggest open center for migrants. The Media Diversity Institute of UK broadcasted during the conference a short film addressing the issue of migrants and stereotypes, discussing also the media power to overturn those negative stereotypes.

The conference provided two parallel workshops, one on “Policy Review on Integration and Social Services” delivered by the International Organization for Migration and one on “Social Services and Integration, Practices for EU member states”, which was a collection of presentations from EU organizations on their experiences and practices in providing social services to migrants.

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