Presentation of AlphaEU at conference

The conference had more than 120 participants, consisting of pre- and in-service teachers from primary and secondary education, academics, university students, and officials of the educational authorities. During the conference participants had the opportunity to learn about the results of the project, and also about the implementation of the activities that were developed in the context of the project. Furthermore, hands-on workshops were offered on how reading can be promoted to children.

During the conference, a presentation was delivered on the AlphaEU project, informing participants of the project’s progress to date, presenting the digital books and activities, as well as discussing its value in the broader context of reading promotion through visuals and digital material for children and young adults. In addition, a poster session was held for AlphaEU and project flyers were given out. Participants showed great interest in the project, and some school representatives expressed interest in the implementation of the project in the upcoming months.

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