Implementation of Digital Alphabet Books and Activities

In June and July, CARDET completed the implementation phase of the AlphaEU project with 10 teachers and 10 parents of children in the age group of 2-6 and their students/children. During the implementation phase, the participant teachers and parents completed a series of activities with the children and kept logs of their reactions and learning outcomes.

The project was implemented in four classrooms in a kindergarten school in Nicosia. The lesson plans were developed by the teachers in collaboration with the research team, so as to integrate the digital alphabet books and the activities in the school’s curriculum. The 4-year old and 5-year old students at the specific school were thrilled with the material and demonstrated positive attitudes towards the books and the activities. The students explored all the Greek alphabet books and one class also experimented with the English alphabet books, matching Greek words with their English counterparts.

During the interviews conducted at the end of the implementation phase, both of the participant groups – teachers and parents – expressed enthusiasm with the material, especially due to the fact that there is lack of digital pedagogical material for pre-primary school children. All of the participants expressed the wish to continue using the material even after the implementation, and also suggested the creation of additional books and activities.

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