eFinLit Project Highlights

The eFinLit partnership is currently working hard to promote directly and indirectly the digital numeracy, language, reading, and collaboration and communication skills of financial disadvantaged young EU adults (18-35)..


Boys Reading 2nd Newsletter - June 2015

The Boys Reading project has released the second newsletter providing information on the progress of the project. The main topics of the newsletter include the national research that presents an overview of the existing situation in partner counties, the results from the focus groups with students, teachers, parents and librarians, the second consortium meeting and the upcoming project activities.


eFinLit 2nd Newsletter

In the current times of economic turbulence and market shortcomings, where the majority of EU citizens are struggling to manage major social and personal financial challenges.


Boys Reading 1st Newsletter - February 2015

The first issue of the Boys Reading newsletter has been now released. In this edition, there is a short description of the project, the objectives, the main outcome, an update on the progress of the project and the kick-off meeting and the upcoming project activities.


eFinLit 1st Newsletter

The escalating numbers of low income and unemployed young adults (18-35) constitute not only a current problem, but it’s a challenge to be dealt with in the years to come. This group of EU citizens is one of the largest disadvantaged groups in the European society, constituting almost the 35% (over 40% for some EU countries) of the total young adults in Europe.

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