Game-Changer piloting in Cyprus

On July 12, Innovade LI Ltd organised a piloting phase for the Game-Changer project. The piloting workshop presented and assessed the project’s two intellectual outputs; the Compendium of WebQuest and the In-service Training Programme and Learner Manual. The goal of this activity was to collect peoples’ feedback in order to suggest possible updates to the project’s consortium, that would elevate the quality and impact of the project.

During the workshop, Innovade LI introduced the project to the five participants, informing them about the rationale upon which it was built and delivered. The two Game-Changer intellectual outputs were assessed with the group, which included five experienced youth trainers in Cyprus, who in return provided constructive feedback on both intellectual outputs. The two intellectual outputs received positive comments on their quality, while the practical and first-hand format of the workshop equipped Innovade LI with useful suggestions for updates to finalise the project’s material.

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