INFLUENCERS – 2nd Press Release

Given the right tools, the project consortium believes that the youth with first-hand knowledge of living with a disability or a long-term health condition can become successful social media influencers and a reference for other young people living with the same condition.

The project brings together 6 partners, as follows:

  • Jugendförderverein Parchim Lübz e.V. (the project coordinator from Germany), 
  • The Rural Hub (Ireland), 
  • Solution: Solidarité & Inclusion (France), 
  • Active Women Association (Poland), 
  • Rightchallenge (Portugal) 
  • INNOVADE (Cyprus).

The project kicked off in September 2019 when the world looked quite different, but now in month 8 of the project, we have some exciting milestones to share with you: 

  1. An Online Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum for youth living with a disability on how to develop their social entrepreneurship idea into a sustainable entity. The first finalized draft version should be ready by June in order to be tested with local experts during July. 

  2. A Digital & Social Media Literacy Curriculum on how to stay safe in online environments and a suite of media-rich resources to build digital and social media literacy. The first finalized draft version should be also ready by June in order to be tested with local experts during July. 

  3. An In-service training programme to introduce Best Practice Guidelines for youth providers on supporting the inclusion of young persons with disabilities. Partners are working to draft a framework for what this programme will cover, and this will be ready by the end of May. Partners will then work together to develop it. 

  4. An online environment to support the new young social entrepreneurs to launch their online careers. The design of the e-learning platform should be ready by mid-May. Stay tuned! 


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