Cyprus’ 1st Multiplier Event for the purposes of the SciFUN project

CARDET in collaboration with INNOVADE have organised the 1st Multiplier Event for the SciFUN project under the framework of the conference “Youth's role in building a better future”. The event took place on the 15th of March 2017 at the Ayios Nicolaos Lyceum in Limassol. During the event, eleven educators were involved, who had the opportunity to learn about the project’s aim, objectives and rationale. In addition, the educators had the opportunity to learn more about the interdisciplinary approach adopted by the project, as well as to study some Sample Cross-Curricular Units of the toolkit in depth. Moreover, a presentation of the most important findings and recommendations of the project was carried out. Specifically, the concepts of utilising mobile devices, online labs, Web 2.0 tools, experimentation and inquiry-based learning, were explored by teachers within the context of the Cross-Curricular Units of the project. The teachers also had the chance to interact with the SciFUN website and have fruitful discussions regarding the teaching and learning recommendations provided.

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