Supporting Boys’ Reading Habits (Boys Reading)

Innovade in collaboration with FFST from Croatia and partners from Austria, Portugal, Greece, and Romania have been awarded the project Boys Reading, under the ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships programme of the European Commission.

The Boys Reading project aims to make reading an integral part in the life of boys aged 10-15, who are currently unenthusiastic about books. Boys Reading asserts that this can only be achieved if teenage boys acquire control over their reading and choose from books that address their needs and interests. One in five EU 15-year-olds has poor reading skills (OECD), while the majority of poor and reluctant readers and eventually high-school drop-outs are male youths. The situation will only improve when the gender gap decreases. The LLP 2013 call acknowledges the “differences between male and female students in interest and performance” and urges to develop students’ basic skills, reduce early school leaving and promote gender equality and inclusive approaches to learning. The EU High Level Group of Experts on Literacy (2012) asks to “focus on motivating boys to read and write in order to close the gender gap”; “open up schools to appealing materials, including digital ones, to make reading and writing relevant to boys’ individual preferences”; “facilitate contact with male role-models engaging in literacy”; and “develop initiatives aimed at making language development fun and appealing” especially for adolescents. More details about the project will be available later this year.

Additional Info

Funding Agency:
Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic Partnerships